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About Me

Hi, I’m Carli – nice to virtually meet you 😊

Welcome to Colour Your Life Club which I run from not so sunny Wales! I would love to add some colour to your day and make you happy as my goal is to inspire positivity and motivate people through my colourful, cute and quirky pins, badges and postcard designs - I love to make and create! I adore to see people happy and I'm hoping that my little items will encourage and help people smile. Every item of Happy Mail I send out is certainly packed with love as I want you to feel special the minute it hits the mat!

I am a busy mum of one and for years I've been head of a family run business but it's 2018 and time for a change so I've finally felt the fear and done it anyway launching Colour Your Life Club in January. I absolutely love what I do and am passionate about the items I create and the themes attached and want to share them with you! 

I love to hand draw all of my pin designs first as I'm still old school and an 80's child at heart, I do dabble with Illustrator for my mugs, postcards and badges but nothing beats the feel of pencil on paper for me. I love rainbows, the 80's, 90's and pop culture so find my inspiration can come from good old childhood memories as well as modern influences.

I pack up your happy boxes around the school run times so during term times my hours are between 9.30am until 2.30pm. I do post parcels Monday to Friday and check emails so any issues or queries please don't hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can! 

Thank you for finding your way to my little wonderland and I hope you find some treats for yourself or a special someone. There are lots more goodies to come in the future so please feel free to pop back and why not subscribe so you can be the first to know of new product launches etc.

Peace, Love & Rainbows

Carli xoxo

P.S - Please note that when you do purchase from this site it involves me doing a lot of happy dancing as I'm very grateful that you are supporting my small business.

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  • Enamel Pin - 80's Mixtape (Cassette Tape)
    80s mixtape cassette tape soft enamel pin from colour your life club
    80s mixtape soft enamel pin
  • Pastel Roller Skate 'Roll With It' Glitter Enamel Pin
    roller skate pastel enamel glitter pin from colour your life club
    roller skate pastel enamel pin from colour your life club
  • Work Hard Dream Big Button Badge
    button badge work hard dream big by colour your life club
    button badge work hard dream big slogan
  • Pastel 80's Mixtape Cassette Enamel Pin
    80s mixtape pastel coloured enamel pin from colour your life club
    80s mixtape pastel enamel pin
  • Love is Love Gay Pride Button Badge
    Gay pride love is love button badge from colour your life club
    Gay pride love is love slogan pin badge
  • Colourful AF Rainbow Button Badge
    button badge colourful af rainbow slogan from colour your life club
    colourful rainbow button badge

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