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Interview - Being a Bold Introvert

Interview - Being a Bold Introvert

A while back I agreed to take part in an interview with regards to being a bold/social introvert with Natalie over at Quietly Ambitious. Well it's finally gone live eeek. 💞 It took a lot to answer the questions truthfully as I'm so used to protecting myself but anyway I did it which was a major win. Hurrah!

I wanted to share it here as it's a topic close to my heart and the motive behind a lot of the products I design, also I know there's a few of my followers that feel the same.🙌💖 Mental health issues unfortunately still have a stigma but they need to be talked about. Although times are definitely changing with the way of the world right now we need to speak up and unite, now more than ever. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy the interview and let me know what you think! 

Click Here to Read Full Interview

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