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Waving Hello

Waving Hello

I thought I would do a quick blog post to introduce myself properly and say hi! So here I am! 

Nope I have no idea what I'm pointing at either 🙈or what possessed me to pose like that but hey it's me so I'm embracing it 🌈 I'm Carli and I love doodling, rainbows and cats. 2018 is the year of spreading positivity and embracing my creativity once again. After a tough 18 months and being diagnosed with PTSD in 2017 I've found myself healing with colour ❤🙌 hence the launch of Colour Your Life Club in January. 

I suppose it really started back in 1980 something! As a child my Bampi was my idol, he was a creative genius and could turn his hand to anything! He got me into drawing cartoons and colouring (obsessively) and taught me how to draw. I spent most of my time colouring in - like this glorious pic taken from my Rainbow Brite childhood activity book


As you can see I was helped by Kylie Minogue..haha...the shame! I was never into drawing 'real life' and didn't actually like art class in secondary school as hated being told what to draw and never felt the teacher 'got' me! 😔

Unfortunately my Bampi passed away when I was 16 and his last words were 'never give up on your art'...but I did, massively. I found anything creative too painful as it was something we shared together. I poured my creativity into other areas and became a PR person in media land. However that destroyed my soul and my creative block only got worse. 

On maternity with my son 7 years ago I set up my first business and it went great! But I used it to hide and isolate myself. Now after a tough 18 months I've found peace in my creativity once more, I'm drawing again, feeling and healing with colour. It's been nearly 22 years since losing my hero and I can finally say that I haven't given up anymore, I've embraced it and I want to spread the positivity and message that it's never too late to fulfill your dreams...you just have to try...❤

Random fact: I once made a pair of wacky shorts that got featured on wacaday with Timmy Mallett! I was 8 and 3/4! 🙈

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