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Not Just for Christmas and Not Bah-Humbug Badge Range - The Why!

Not Just for Christmas and Not Bah-Humbug Badge Range - The Why!

With the festivities nearly upon us I wanted to create a range that would help raise awareness of certain issues. I adore how everyone rallies around at Christmas to alleviate peoples loneliness, be sympathetic to those who are facing the holidays after a major loss, are more patient with those suffering with anxiety etc - kindness definitely gets spread more freely. A great thing right!

However, important issues such as grief, loneliness, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, invisible illnesses are not just for Christmas and unfortunately don't suddenly disappear in January. I have often found that when the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and everyone gets back to normality that these particular issues for those suffering are once again forgotten until the next holiday season. 


The festive season heightens emotions and shines a spotlight on our feelings but I think it is vital that the conversation around these issues carries on throughout the year - not just at Christmas. Hence this badge range.

We are getting better at opening up and talking but the stigma is still there for a lot of people. So my aim is to help raise awareness and get people talking with this pin button badge collection.

Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love everything about the season however I suffer with the Christmas shopping crowds and the overwhelming busy-ness of this time of year when I am out and about - something I am sure many can relate too. So I also created a NOT Bah-Humbug range - this stems from the simple fact that there are some people out there that when they see someone among all of the Christmas furore not smiling, not looking jolly then they feel they have the right to call you a can be said in jest I know, however, the stranger you are saying that too could be really struggling.


These pins are there to encourage people to stop and think before they speak. We should never assume that if someone doesn't look happy or full of festive cheer that they are Bah-Humbug...they could be overwhelmed yet still love Christmas! Just like you should never tell someone to 'smile it might never happen' - but that's a whole other story...

So treat yourself to let others know what you are going through or treat a pal that may need some extra comfort and understanding at this time of year.

I have also created a few fun badges for those who love to get stuck into the holidays so I am not a total fun sponge, hah! 

Stay festive and if you are under pressure then remember you are not alone and it's good to talk!




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